Luis Bayamanakoel Ramos

Luis Bayamanakoel Ramos is a Taino from the island of Boriken. Conceived in Guanica, Boriken and reared in Brooklyn, Luis was raised by his great-grandparents. It was through his great-grandparents that Luis learned the power of plant medicine and the importance of ancestral veneration. His great-grandmother was a respected mid-wife and spiritual leader. After their deaths, Luis embarked on a spiritual journey that led him to pursue a career in Spiritual Care through various NYC hospitals as Chaplain and Spiritual Care Counselor. Luis has worked as Chaplain and a NYS licensed Social Worker in the fields of Substance Abuse and Hospice Care. Additionally, Luis is the co-founder and Spiritual Leader of a Taino Medicine Society named, "Tureiwa Bohi'okani Haitinax." Luis is dedicated to the restoration and practice of the sacred Taino Cohoba/Yopo ceremony. Presently, Luis is creating a healing program that will allow Indigenous people to address and cope with Post-Intergenerational Stress. Lastly, Luis is the Founder of Ara'wayakan; a Taino Cultural Circle of Union Higuayagua.