Doug Doolittle

Doug Doolittle is a member of the Mohawk Nation Bear Clan of Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, and he incorporates his culture and teachings into his work as an energy practitioner. Doug is a certified level 2 Reiki practitioner and Cherokee Body Works facilitator.

Doug blends his handmade flute into reiki and meditation sessions adding to a highly relaxing and spiritual experience.

Outside of energy work, Doug facilitates therapeutic groups for men in his community and works closely with youth to connect them back to nature and their own spirituality. Doug is highly involved in his community and is committed to the growth and well being of all people.

A particularly soothing and restorative experience that we offer is the Guided Flute Meditation circle, which is what we will be offering to participants at the 11th International Amazonian Shamanism Conference! Doug and Kelley will take you on a relaxing meditation journey unlike any other you have experienced before. Using plant medicines, you will have an opportunity to clear any unwanted energy from yourself and your aura. You will then journey into a mountain to select plant medicines for fellow participants, we will open and clear your chakras, and you will journey to your destination of choice. Kelley will provide each participant with the Reiki ray and receive any messages from your spirit guides that they want you to have.


We look forward to sharing in this experience with you.