Adela Navas Videyra

Beginning her training with ayahuasca at age 11, Adela has been working with la madre and other plant medicines for 63 years. She is one of the few remaining banco shaman in the Iquitos area, and her work is held in high regard by all ayahuasqueros who know her. Quick to smile and laugh, exuding love and compassion, Adela's control of the energies in ceremony is second to none.

Adela was the teacher of Don Augustin Rivas, who in turn was one of the teachers of Ron Wheelock, the 'Gringo Shaman'. She has also been the teacher of Alan Shoemaker since 17 years ago.

In addition to Spanish and Quechua, she also sing icaros in 7 different regional dialects. Adela loves sharing her knowledge, teaching others about the mysteries of ayahuasca.