Peter Gorman, noted journalist, jungle guide and author of Ayahuasca in My Blood--25 Years of Medicine Dreaming,  has two trips on the horizon, both of them 9 1/2 day Jungle Jaunt intensives. The first starts on June 14, a Saturday, and runs through the morning of June 23. There will be the possibility of a two-day extension on that one (haven't figured the bucks for the extension, but won't be heavy). The second trip is the annual Pre-Shamanic Conference trip that begins on Thursday, July 10 and runs into the morning of Saturday, July 19, the morning of the first day of Alan Shoemaker's Shamanic Conference. 

Each trip runs $1900 and includes everything but airfare and walking around money. We pick you up at the airport, get you to a nice hotel, feed you, take you around town to some interesting spots (offer you grub worms, a trip to the local jail and all that jazz) then take you to the jungle on a 14 hour riverboat ride. Once there we'll have you bathing in the river--gorgeous--and getting dirt under your fingernails. We'll walk you to a fantastic swamp, have you hiking in high jungle learning about plant medicines, have you out collecting ayahuasca, night canoeing catching the Matses' sapo (misnamed) frog. We'll feed you great food, from vegan to carnivore, serve you ayahuasca twice, the Matses' medicines sapo and nu-nu, some magic mushroom little sisters might show up at the appropriate time and place--all in all a rollicking good time full of magic and mystery. And while it's a hoot, we take your medicine very very seriously. No fooling. And my team of 12--all of whom except for a couple of indigenous Matses friends of mine are my late teacher Julio's kids, grandkids and in-laws, will see that you're safe all the way. 

I've got just a few slots left open for the July Pre-Conference trip; several still open for the June trip. Questions? You can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pre and Post Conference Intensives

In Peru, just outside the city of Iquitos in the Upper Amazon, up the Rio Itaya, is the Vine of the Soul Chapel/Ceremonial Maloca where we offer 6 day/night "Intensives": Flower and clay baths, vapor/herb steams, hydrotherapy herb baths and optional session with the bone setter, Maria Louisa along with three ceremonies with the Shaman Adela Navas.

We will have two pre conference programs which will take place between July 6th - 11th and between July 13th 18th as well as one post conference intensive between July 28th - Aug. 2nd


“Strictly speaking, that body asleep in your bed is kin to your corpse. Occupant elsewhere. Every night we disappear. Without this little dab of perspective, we’d go mad.” 

WIND IN A MIRROR...AYAHUASCA VISIONS by Josie Hyde is a multimedia solo show, a play of ironies about death, guilt and transcendence.  The story is a search for enlightenment climaxing in the Amazon in a ceremony with ayahuasca, the visionary vine of death.  Live performance is accompanied by an original art video with the music of Tom Lackner and shaman Don Jose Campos.

Josie is coming from California where she has received standing ovations in sold-out theaters in San Francisco and Santa Barbara.  This past October Josie performed at Times Square, New York as part of the United Solo Theatre Festival.

                  “Riveting!" Klein Films

                “Magical!”  Huffington Post 

               “A hypnotic feast!”  Noozhawk

Josie began a career in performance poetry in 1993.  She has performed her poetry in festivals and clubs in North America, Central America and Europe and won poetry slams in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Chicago, New York, Costa Rica and Berlin.  Twice she received The Honor Award for Lyrics in the Great American Song Contest.

Josie studied Communications at U.C. Berkeley, Painting and Design at U.C.L.A., Acting with Peter Frisch and Rick Mokler, Singing with Chris Power, Dance with Ken Gilbert and Poetry with Kenneth Rexroth.  Spalding Gray was her close friend and inspirer.

Pre-Ceremony Workshop with Doña Patrice: Release Boundaries, Recognize Your Light, Deepen Your Love

On this day we will commence to begin again, creating a new version of ourselves without preconceived notion of who or what we are supposed to be. Pushing beyond our day to day perception to arrive at a place where we are free of identity. We will release heavy and negative energies and balance our chakras, creating a clean-slate to enter ceremony.  Expose, forgive, and release perceived boundaries. Recognize that you are a sacred being, flowing with light.  Understanding that light is love, we connect to the heart of the Universe and travel in ceremony with the warmth of love surrounding you.

On this day we will understand ourselves as an essential part of the universe and understand why our dreams and our unique expression are so vital to the planet and the world we live in. Hence, we will become a conduit between the earth, the universe, and Sacred Spirit/God/Light/Love.

You willl leave this day united with the Sacred Spirit and your personal tool kit for moving your dreams into action. Then plant the seeds of your dreams, and in your journey, take the action of committing to your dreams, with love.  


Time Commitment: 1 Hour

Location : TBA

Cost: $20 US Per Person  

Group Rate: Doña Patrice will travel to ceremony sites for this workshop if hired by the group.  Group rate available and travel expenses required."


Guided Flute Meditation circle

Together, Doug and Kelley created O’Nikon:ra Healing Centre in 2013. O’Nikon:ra (O-Nee-Gu-La) when translated from its original Mohawk meaning is “Universal Mind” or “of good mind.” Our mind, that which takes care of us, needs to be whole and healed to be the best we can be with ourselves, our families, and our communities. We offer a variety of restorative energy modalities,ceremonies, and programming for all ages that feeds the spirit in a kind and gentle way to begin the healing journey. We use a variety of plant medicines to support our clients in cleansing their mind, body, and spirit to allow for expanded awakening. This journey is different for everyone, and we believe that it is the spirit where healing begins.


A particularly soothing and restorative experience that we offer is the Guided Flute Meditation circle, which is what we will be offering to participants at the 11th International Amazonian Shamanism Conference! Doug and Kelley will take you on a relaxing meditation journey unlike any other you have experienced before. Using plant medicines, you will have an opportunity to clear any unwanted energy from yourself and your aura. You will then journey into a mountain to select plant medicines for fellow participants, we will open and clear your chakras, and you will journey to your destination of choice. Kelley will provide each participant with the Reiki ray and receive any messages from your spirit guides that they want you to have.


We look forward to sharing in this experience with you.